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North Arundel Savings Bank

FAQS - Frequently Asked Questions

How are my deposits insured?

North Arundel Savings Bank is a member of FDIC - the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. This link will take you to their website:

I'm interested in opening a Retirement Account, but have some questions about contributions, IRAs, ROTHs and distributions. What is a good source of information?

This link will take you to the IRS website page:

I am an older American and I would like to have a resource of information as an older consumer.

The Consumer Financial Protection Agency is a good resource. This is a link to a brochure.

As an older American I might be vulnerable to scams, threats or fraud. Where can I go to ask questions or talk over my concerns?

The Bank staff is available to assist you at any time with your concerns. We can assist you or direct you to resources in Maryland.